Sunday, January 20, 2019

You’ll Find Me

You’ll find me out past the fields
Running along the river’s edge
Over the top of the next foothill
I live beyond the growing shadow.

Look out past the airplane’s window
I’ll be sailing across an ocean’s wave
The view beautiful, profound, endless
I live in the lining of the silver cloud.

Take a boat around the seven seas
Each wave brings me closer to you
I’m the wind, water, and faint mist
I live in the depths of the blue ocean.

You’ll find me in everything, always
Just a few steps off the beaten path
My touch is moments from your hand
I live in the brilliance of a morning star.

By Brian Wayne Maki

Brian W. Maki, an Upper Michigan native, is a computer trainer, IT consultant, and author of several books. Please visit this link to find out more about his various selections.

Monday, January 14, 2019

You’re Lucky Once, Never Twice

You’re lucky once
Never twice.

Because it takes luck
In everything you do
Every step you take.

Even your daily habits
And subtle choices.


From your birth
Until your death—
It’s all luck.

Luck by the numbers
Lives in Nature, too.

Pure and simple.

Luck isn’t fate—
It never will be.

Luck is luck—
And that’s it.

You’re lucky to be alive
And able to breathe.

Life could end now
Right on the dime
At this exact second.

Because luck ends
As fast as it begins.

Maybe you’re lucky?

Maybe you’re not?

No one is that lucky—
Never twice.

By Brian Wayne Maki

Brian W. Maki, an Upper Michigan native, is a computer trainer, IT consultant, and author of several books. Please visit this link to find out more about his various selections.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

No Guarantees

Nothing guarantees

Not the light
Or the stars.

Not the universe
In the heavens.

Not even the love
From everyone
Around the world.

Tomorrow’s guarantee
Isn’t probable.

That’s just how it is.

Even luck
Has no chance.

There’s no guarantees
Of any kind.

Especially in this one life.

You’re here today
And gone tomorrow.

Only your footsteps
Remain behind.

But along the way
Your spirit transcends
Into the unknown.

Long shadows of it
Move across the sky.

There were never
Any guarantees
Written in stone.

Or any promises ever found.

By Brian Wayne Maki

Brian W. Maki, an Upper Michigan native, is a computer trainer, IT consultant, and author of several books. Please visit this link to find out more about his various selections.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hungry Again

I’m hungry again
Hungry for ambition
Hungry for success.

I’m ready to kick down
Every door
Every hurdle—

Get out of my way.

Give me some space.

Let me breathe.

I’m hungry to win again
To achieve something great
Something meaningful
Beyond myself.

Beyond my comfort zone.

And into the unknown.

My emotions are rising.

Rising above fear.

Miles from boredom.

My attitude’s vibrant
And my mind’s ready.

There’s no better time
Than to start right now.

Right now.

I’m hungry again.

Hungry to win.

By Brian Wayne Maki

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Above and Beyond

There are simple
Demands in life.

You can offer
The bare minimum.

You can pass the test
Even walk on the edge.

Some ask for more
Some ask for less.

But don’t forget—
Go above and beyond.

Go beyond comfort
Go beyond reflection
Go beyond reality
Go beyond yourself.

Give 150% effort
Get 150% return.

Meet the demands
Then go beyond them.

Way beyond them.

That’s where you’ll find
Success and integrity.

Above and beyond
Every expectation
Every request
Every goal.

Let the demands
Be your inspiration.

Then go beyond them—
Overachieve in everything.

It’s your life—
It’s your legacy.

By Brian Wayne Maki

All Things Fulfilled

Come to believe that everything works itself out in the end;
And that time and youthfulness are strung into a long, fruitful union.

Hold onto every single friendship, however short or long;
And don’t forget that one friendship outweighs the longest love affair.

Be strong and content in your darkest of days;
And soon enough there will be new hope to light your way.

Find passion in a career filled with challenge and learning;
And know that new desires come from broken dreams.

Trust others with the most difficult decisions of your life;
And allow someone else to lead the way when you cannot.

Be kind and listen when it comes to matters of the heart;
And that giving begins and ends with your attitude.

Let love and matrimony open your most guarded feelings;
And understand that life has its share of ups, downs, and in-betweens.

Don’t let technology and science separate you from common sense;
And don’t forget that living requires critical thinking to be worthwhile.

Avoid the pitfalls of life: drugs, depression, and aggressive people;
And try to stay on course and in control for most of your life’s journey.

Don’t ever compare your success with the likes of another person;
And always be inspired and elated by someone different than yourself.

Realize you are just one of a million lost souls who seek freedom;
And celebrate that freedom by using your right to free speech.

Let the memory of the dead live within your spirt and your step;
And know that they still advise and advocate all of your decisions.

Be at peace with yourself, with God, with your enemies until your last breath;
And realize that hatred and bigotry harbor feelings that never bring about peace.

Don’t let the confusion, the busyness, the fast-paced style of life burn you out;
And come to learn that it’s most enduring to be a minimalist who simplifies.

Be happy and content that not everything in your life is a masterpiece;
And rely on the laws of Nature and free will to handle your lasting memory.

By Brian Wayne Maki

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Thoughts That Explain What Makes Someone A Legend

“If you end up performing the same heroic feat twice, you are a legend. Nobody ever does the same feat twice.”

“Let the trail lead you down the path to greater things. By leading the way, others will follow.”

“Standing against the majority, against the status quo, against the powers that be, may be the smartest decision you will ever make.”

“Legendary people have the highest forms of respect known to mankind. Compare this to stupid people who make lucky choices, who get lucky breaks, and who gain infamous status.”

“The difference between a living legend and a dead legend is a matter of fate. The living legend knows time is of essence and must continue to perform great deeds, while the dead legend gains notoriety by staying the same.”

“You must do something great, heroic, unprecedented to gain ‘legendary status’ in mainstream society.”

“We can talk all day about legendary people. We can go over what made them great. We can figure out what makes them popular in culture. But the one thing we cannot do is repeat their success. Legends are made, not born.”

“Want to be a legend in your own time? Don’t wait. Get up. Start doing. You cannot ‘think’ you are a legend; you must put yourself in the fires of daily life, battle the evils of the world, live life on your own terms, and succeed to see an end when there is no end in sight.”

“As children growing up, we can all agree that we found a hero in a legendary person. Most of your childhood involved looking up to this person, without ever revealing to anyone else you admired and respected someone greater than yourself. It’s okay. Everyone believes in something.”

“Legends don’t follow a given set of rules; they make new ones as they go along. In fact, they rewrite the book on what failure and success are to the average person.”

“When a legendary status is bestowed upon a figure, it spoils the whole mood and impression of the individual. Such status should be crowned when they live out their lives to their fullest potential, not while they are in the middle of it.”

“Tomorrow morning, another legend will be announced by the press. You see, we are in need of legends to make the public believe good people are among us.”

By Brian Wayne Maki